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This page is for anyone seeking to study dharma. It includes sources of downloadable books, sutras, papers, prayers, and chants.
In the Buddha's time (pretty much pre-literate) monks were encouraged to memorize and study the talks of the Buddha. I can only imagine how valuable it would be to have all of that information available to you instantly and have it be so well integrated into your being. That kind of integration is available to relatively few people in today's world, but the information is available to us, and much of it is available for free. Most prominant teachers recommend study of sutras and talks, and other writings to supplement the practice of meditation. This page is devoted to making many of the available important writings relatively easy to find for anyone seeking them. This initial offering lists 28 sites from which Buddhist source material can be downloaded for free. If you know of other rich sources PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Currently this page is primarily devoted to finding book length material, but a lot of other material is also available. Sources of other material will be added to it. Hope some of you find value here.

General Buddhism

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Recommended books - all excellent - with some description of each one

BuddhaNet eBooks
Buddhanet has extensive collection of hundreds of eBooks that are rather well organized.

A Buddhist Library
Has a large selection of excellent free downloads from the Tibetan, Theravadan, and Zen traditions.  The link above is to a good starting point for investigating the site.    

The Buddha Education Foundation
Numerous tiles available in at least 13 languages. More of an emphasis on Mahayana materials but of the Theravadan listings both The Dhammapada and Buddhaghosa's The Path of Purification are available.    

Buddha Sutra Collection has about 500 sutras arranged alphabetically by sutra name. Mostly Theravadan suttas but at least 36 Mahayanan sutras are included.
Is an interesting site.  You can find many free downloadable books from many religious traditions.    

Theravadan Buddhism

Access to Insight
The Access to Insight opened in 1996. It was the first site to provide quality no cost English translations of the suttas, and is still the most complete. It turned out that demand was high and the site quickly grew to the dominant source for free Buddhisat printed material on the internet. This year, after 18 years of maintaining the site, it was closed. The Buddhist community freaked. And it has been re-opned. It is closed to new input, and is no longer maintained, but all the material is there and is still available.

Books by Sayadaw U Tejaniya  
There are Four books here (11/2014):
        Don't Look Down on the Defilements,   
        Dhamma Everywhere: Welcoming each moment with Awareness+Wisdom, 
        The Practice of Mindfulness Will Change You, 
        Awareness Alone is Not Enough

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England
Of the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah has over 80 books available for free download

Abhayagiri Monastery in California
Of the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah has over 40 books available for free download

Forest Sangha Publications
This Forest Sangha Publications site is dedicated to the free distribution of teachings in the Theravada Buddhist tradition of Venerable Ajahn Chah
The writings, translations, and dhamma talks of Thanissaro Bhikkhu are available here.

PDF files of Analayo
A listing of many of Analayo's writings.  A 1 MB file is about 175 pages, so you can roughly use this to determine how many pages a book might be.

Publications by Bhikkhu Analayo
Another like of Analayo's publications.  Better description and many can be downloaded

Collected eBooks of Mahasi Sayadaw
Saraniya a Vipassana meditation in England, has compiled a listing of eBooks by Mahasi Sayadaw.
In addition they have a collection of 15 hard to find eBooks including several by Goenka and Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

Discourses by Mahasi Sayadaw on seversl suttas or here

The Tathaqata Center,
Is a monastery/retreat center based on Mahasi Sayadaw's approach to Vipassana. It has 11 books availavble for free distribution within the United States.

The Vipassana Fellowship
Has a listing of texts from the Vinaya and Suttas, as well as a listing a small collection of books and papers about Buddhism that they consider important or significant.. Checkout the five links at the upper left corner

The Buddhist Publication Society in Sri Lanka
Offers well over 400 books in English for free download.

Pariyatta Publishing
Offers a nice collection of free downloadable books. This is the source that The Pali Text Society recommends its books be purchased from in the USA and Canada.

Urban Dharma
Offers an excellent collection of free downloads

Sayadaw U Pandita's Saddhama Foundation
offers several downloads and links to purchase other books.

Zen Buddhism

has many excellent books relevant to the Zen tradition for free download

Buddhist Door
Has some zen resources and books

Buddhanet File Library  
Has an excellent collection of Zen writings by a variety of authors, including  Robert Aitken, John Tarrant, Seung San, Master Sheng Yen, Katagiri, Maezumi, Ama Samy, as well as sutras, poetry and translations of some of Dogen's work.

Shasta Abbey
Offers several Zen books for free download, including a recent translation of SHOBOGENZO The Treasure House of the Eye of the True Teaching by Eihei Dogen

Berkeley Zen Center
Some liturgy and basic texts from Berkeley Zen Center (Soto Zen in Suzuki Roshi lineage) are available

San Francisco Zen Center
Has a page with the daily sutras, verses, and tezts; as well as some other ceremonies available for download.

The Buddhist Text Translation Society
Is associated with the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, a Ch'an Buddhist umbrella organization

Tibetan Buddhism

The Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive Shop
Offers a collection of contemporary eBooks from the Tibetan tradition.

The Berzin Archives
The Berzin Archives is a collection of translations and teachings by Dr. Alexander Berzin primarily on the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Covering the areas of sutra, tantra, Kalachakra, dzogchen, and mahamudra meditation, the Archives presents material from all five Tibetan traditions: Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, Gelug, and Bon, as well as comparisons with Theravada Buddhism and Islam. Also featured are Tibetan astrology and medicine, Shambhala, and Buddhist history.

Garchen Institute (Chino Valley)
Offers a collection of Prayers, Practices, Quotes, & Books.

Dechen Ling Press
Dechen Ling is a center of Tibetan Buddhism in the in the Gelug tradition.  It has 6 books available fro free download.