At this point I collect absolutely no information to keep private. I do not expect this to change, and if it does you won't see this simple short description, Instead you'll probably see a page telling you how much I respect your privacy with 20 misleading pages explaining all the ways I really don't. Here's my version of that:   If you send me an email, I may put your email into an address book, if appropriate. Let me know if you don't want this to happen. I have no thoughts or intentions of ever sharing that information.  

If you're into online privacy you should note that this site puts NO cookies on your computer. It is written with strict HTML, and its only script is on the map page.   It is necessary to get the google map of all meditation groups in the valley to work. And that is all it does. It doesn't track anything or leave anything on your computer. It is only active when you are viewing the map.

Since I wrote the above paragraph, I realize that I didn't mention that I had to enable JavaScript to accomplish that. The above mentioned script is a JavaScript script so it had to be enabled. That shouldn't make any difference since that script was the only one being used. However, to learn how many visitors see this site, and the general area (state & country), visitors are coming from I am now using an additional JavaScript called carrierzone. I can't know the extent to which 3rd parties are honoring your privacy. I do the best I can to keep 3rd party scripts to a minimum (carriersone is on every page, the map script is on only one).   I'd say your odds are better on this site than the vast majority of others. I know I collect nothing.