Sayadaw U Tejaniya talks with Burmese removed

"Most people don't seem to really appreciate the value of the work of awareness. They tend to think that the importance of meditation is in the things that they observe. But the objects do not really matter. People also spend a lot of time thinking about the results. They want to experience peaceful states; they want to 'bliss out'. Then they get attached to these states and to the objects they focus on.

The real value of meditation is not in getting such results, however enjoyable they may be. The real value of meditation is the actual process of being aware and understanding what is happening. The process is important, not the result!

Instead of complaining about what is or is not happening, you should appreciate that you are aware - regardless of what you are aware of - and learn from it."                         U Tejaniya

The first retreat on Dharma Seed led by Sayadaw U Tejaniya was in 2012 at the Insight Meditaion Society Retreat Center. At the time of that retreat Sayadaw was not confident in his English and used a translator. The retreat talks are mostly Question and Answer periods, and they would go something like this: The questioner would ask a question in English, the translator would translate it into Burmese, sometimes Sayadaw and the translator would discuss the question in Burmese, the translator would present the answer in English. This would elicit another question or response from the questioner and so it would go. I took the opening talk and the first five (of dozens) Q & A periods and removed most of the Burmese, making the flow much easier to follow. Those talks are available for listening or download immediately below.