Until very recently there was a website in Phoenix called Phoenix Buddhist Network. It was created to maintain a list of Buddhist meditation groups in the valley and upcoming events and retreats in the state. As maintenance became too much for whoever was doing it, the site would be passed on to someone else. Apparently this was a common process. At least that is what someone familiar with it explained to me. At some point it wasn't passed on, and maintenance ceased. If you go to the site you will find many listings that no longer exist, email addresses and phone numbers that no longer work, and no references to activities or retreats available to the general Buddhist population in the valley. Further, you will find no way to contact anyone about the site. It will be the same thing if you look for local sites on the buddhanet or dharmanet web pages. Maintenance becomes a very huge issue.

And still, until now, the Phoenix Buddhist Network site has been the best reference available for finding a local meditation group. There are some local websites with links to meditation sitting groups. For example, Phoenix Vipassana and Meditation Learning Center maintain a limited set of links to meditation groups in the valley; but no one is attempting to maintain a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date listing of meditation groups. That is a void that PathsofGrowth.org is trying fill. At this point (7/23/2012), I am maybe two weeks into the project, and already it is the best place to find a meditation group. I am still trying to find and verify all the Buddhist meditation groups in the valley that would like to be listed. If you look at the menu to the left, you will see some of the directions I intend to go. I am not a professional web developer, so some of it goes pretty slow. It took me most of a day to get the google map working, for example.

If you know of, or are part of a Buddhist meditation group or sangha that maintains a regular sitting or Buddhist devotional practice in the Phoenix area that is not listed, please send me an email with contact information. If they have a website, that too would be very helpful.

I am going to try to confirm each listing's existence about annually. If you find any information that becomes out of date, please let me know. That certainly holds for the contact person for each listing as well. Thanks so much for helping keep this listing complete and accurate.